SEXGames = SEXY + FUN 

Total Adult Debauchery


Our concept is very simple!  We provide a environment that is  fun-filled and  high-energy, complete with adult content.   Our DJ’s always play the best music, our staff knows how to get the crowd going.  We know how to get the party-started.  Our staff provides lots of games and give-aways that make everyone want to get on their feet.   You can participate or be part of the audience; Either way you are sure to be entertained! No Wall Flowers Here!

Fun + Sexy = SEXGamers !

  • Win Prizes!
  • Meet People Just Like You!
  • Have Fun!
  • All Game Participants –  Receive Gifts!
  • Audience Recieves Lots of Samples & Give-Aways !
  • Everyone has a GREAT TIME!  

Prizes will vary, and are subject to availability.  See Sponsors Page for a list of SEXGames Official Sponsors.  Upon registration for each SEXGames Main Events you will receive a list of prizes with your SEXGames Survival Kit!

In the Beginning …

Over 10 years ago, Bobby Lee &  Susan XGames entered the lifestyle scene.   At this time they embarked on their first adult-only vacation.  They had such a great time, they immediately knew that everyone had to experience a trip like this.  Although they had an amazing vacation, they could see even more potential for fun and excitement to be had.  Now known as SEXGames, the event name originally started as “The S-E-XGames”.   This was meant to be a bit of a spoof on the couples lifestyle profile name, XGames, and the rest is history.  …Read More …


WHAT:  SEXGames is a SEXY, High-Energy fun-filled event!  Total Adult Deabauchery!  We take your favorite games and add a little ADULT conotation!)  Win Lot’s of Prizes & Meet Lot’s of SEXY PEOPLE that love to have fun!   (just like you!)

WHO:  Calling all Sexy Couples & Singles!   the SEXIEST couples and singles from around the world.

Note:   Everyone is welcome:  nudist, voyuers, flirty couples, soft-swap, full-swap to kink!  Explore your desires!  (We pride ourselves on Adult Fun around Open-Minded People! Be YOURSELF! )  

WHY:   So you can come out and have an unforgettable time!  Usually “Themed” events!  Dress up!  Get your SEXY BACK!   Enjoy yourself!

WHEN:  Each Year SEXGames Host four destination MAIN EVENTS & All Year Long SEXGames Travels to Clubs & Parties all over the United States.

WHERE:   See Calendar for Details!

SEXGames Main Events:     

Sign-up Today!

SEXGames HOT Events:    SEXY Events Every WEEKEND all over the United States!   (see calendar for details)

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